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PostSubject: FORUM RANKS   FORUM RANKS Icon_minitimeSat Jun 06, 2009 5:21 pm

Here are the forum ranks. You get them by commenting on someone else's topic or making your own topic. Do not spam to get your rank up or one of the admins will make it so you have no rank.

Regular Ranks:
New Guy: 0
New Poster: 25
Poster: 50
Junior Poster: 100
Senior Poster: 200
Cool Poster: 300
Super Poster : 500
Teh God Poster: 1000
ZOMG Get off teh Computer!!!: 10000 I'M IN INTERWEBZ

Special Ranks
Acp Leader
Acp Co-Leader
Retired Acp Leader
Tomy (Tomy Only)
Memo Man (Shab Only)
Forum Admin*
Trainee Mod*

*Note: These can only be obtained by selection by the forum admins. :D

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