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Forum Rules! (READ BEFORE POSTING) Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules! (READ BEFORE POSTING)   Forum Rules! (READ BEFORE POSTING) Icon_minitimeSat Feb 23, 2008 12:04 pm

Exclamation Mark FOLLOW EACH ONE OF THESE RULES Exclamation Mark


First of all, congrats on taking your time to post here. Welcome to the Official ACP Forums. If you found this forum in Google or something, ACP means Army of Club Penguin. If you wish to join, go to the official ACP Website: and go to the ACP Chat to interact with the other soldiers.


~Common sense is the key!: Simple as that. If you think your post can break the below rules in any way, don't post it.

~ No Swearing: I know it, we all swear in the forums, but these forums has a small exception. There are guests who reads this forum, and seeing all of you saying the F word or saying you found a condom in a bathroom or something couldn't be a good example for the army in general. The only words tolerated in the forum are Crap, Hell and Damn.

~ No Inappropiate Content: Simply no. I won't tolerate any type of sexual, drug or any inappropiate content in the forum. Bans will be given to the rule breakers.

~ No Spamming: This is the most violated rule in a forum. Spam stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages, just to let you know. If your post is one of these people (an annoying, pointless or stupid message), it will be removed or edited by a moderator. If your post is overloaded with smilies, that is spam too.

~ No Hacking Discussion: This is something I will tell ONCE and only ONCE. If you only want to share your hack programs with us, GET OUT HERE. NOW. Go to CPHQ to ruin the fun of the game kthxbai.

~ The limit is 25 characters: No more, no less. The only place where you can post less than 25 characters is Posting Games and the RPG subforums.

~ Do NOT double post: Please do not double post here. If you forgot to put something, use this cute button named Forum Rules! (READ BEFORE POSTING) Edit10. There is some exceptions where you can double post if you are making something really big and the character limit (there is one) message appears and you need to double post or to contribute something new to your thread.

~ Do not Advertise: Don't make threads about your website, forum or hack site. We already have the website section in your profile and the siggeh (signature).

~ Do not be rude with other forumers: Be nice with every poster in the forum, specially new posters. Being rude with other people will provocate flame wars and of course, you will recieve an infraction. If you want to make drama with someone, make it in the ACP chat. THIS RULE GOES FOR MODERATORS TOO.

~ Do not post for banned users:
They got banned for a reason and you will get in trouble if you post for them. I warned you.

~ Post in the right forums: Post stuff in the right forums. That means you can't post off topic stuff in the CP forum or stuff about Club Penguin in the ACP forum. Your post will be moved to the right forum and you will have a warning of me or from a moderator.



1. What is ACP?
Army of Club Penguin

2. I saw someone breaking the rules,what do I do?
Great question, dude! The only thing you need to do is click the Forum Rules! (READ BEFORE POSTING) Icon_report button, then you'll need to write the reason of the report and we'll delete/lock it asap, and we'll give an infraction/ban/permaban to the rule breaker. And please, only report ONCE.

3. How do I become a moderator?
First of all, don't ask any staff member to become a moderator. We choose the people who ACTUALLY follows the rules and reports the posts who violates the rules.

Remember to report people to a moderator if they are breaking the rules! Wink

And thanks for reading until the last rule. And remember to follow them, if you don't want to get your butt spanked with Boots, the Ban Boot. :O
-ACP Forums Administration ACP! ACP! ACP! ACP!

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