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 Little Strategy Guide to Return ACP to Glory and Fun.[Draft]

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Little Strategy Guide to Return ACP to Glory and Fun.[Draft] Left_bar_bleue0 / 50 / 5Little Strategy Guide to Return ACP to Glory and Fun.[Draft] Right_bar_bleue

Registration date : 2009-02-13

Little Strategy Guide to Return ACP to Glory and Fun.[Draft] Empty
PostSubject: Little Strategy Guide to Return ACP to Glory and Fun.[Draft]   Little Strategy Guide to Return ACP to Glory and Fun.[Draft] Icon_minitimeTue Jun 04, 2013 7:49 pm

You all need a wake up call on something here.

Watching Tactics sessions and practice battles and even real wars nowadays, all I see is some fancy shmancy shapes and some emotes for little reason. The only good things I can find left in your playbook is Charging the enemy(Bombs) and making a line to be organized. Now, lets take a look back at a very important and noteworthy battle in our history as ACP soldiers; The last battle of Oagalthorp. March 16th, 2008. This was a battle in the Golden days of CP armies, we enjoyed the fight, staying on for an hour and a half or more to fight an enemy wasn't a task you had to grind through, it was a glorious fight for your army, and you loved every minute of it. Now, a few key things to note in the video. There is very little use of emoticons, and no fancy formations. This battle was one of charges, snowballs thrown, and the occasional regrouping. You can trust me on my knowledge of the battle, I'm in the video, I was there. That was a good battle. What you're all holding now seems more like geometry competitions than a war.

I saw a post on the ACP Training Regiment website entitled "ACP Guide", it listed a bunch of maneuvers, and shortcuts to all of the emotes on Club Penguin. It did not once mention throwing snowballs, or list the shortcut to throw a snowball (T). That is a problem, if new soldiers are being trained to think what Armies are currently doing is the best way to fight, the problem just gets larger. Today, it takes major effort to pull together 25 soldiers, back then, we tended to average 30+ people at any time during the battle. Now, I know that just going back to the old tactics that led us to so many victories alone wont solve the problem, but if you look at the numbers here, it's a good place to start by trying it out. Even aside from just numbers, think of how it lowers the learning curve for younger members and new members coming in, they just have to remember to stay with their team, point, shoot, and charge when told to.

Since I can't really make any other suggestions right now, because I want to be focused on one topic at a time, this will be all for me right now.

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Little Strategy Guide to Return ACP to Glory and Fun.[Draft]
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