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 Consolidating an Empire

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PostSubject: Consolidating an Empire   Consolidating an Empire Icon_minitimeSun Jul 11, 2010 5:11 pm

Are empires a good thing? While many people would simply shun them off because of the hard work of defending a larger server base, you have to remember that not many times do people attack the frontiers of an empire. Take IW for example. How many invasion have there been of Caribou or Deep Snow? They're all focused around the capital. But at the same time IW is renouned for having the largest current empire.

Empires are thing to show how imensly powerful an army can be, but they can also be used for long-term gurrilla warfare. For instance, say that your a small army but are being attacked by an 100 man one. You cannot win in a head on head fight. But if every time you charge into them you imedietly retreat to the next room they will be inclined to pursue and pursue you. 20 servers of 3 hours of chacing around 5 people is going to wear off their soldiers into quitting because of how frustrating and unsatisfying it is. Then you can simply call in aid that never would've shown up before and turn top-side to retake your empire.
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Consolidating an Empire
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