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 John16126's ACP Story

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Male Age : 20
Location : NJ
ACP Rank : Lt General
Infractions :
0 / 50 / 5

Registration date : 2009-07-20

PostSubject: John16126's ACP Story   Fri Jul 31, 2009 5:43 pm

The Battle for CP

By John long

Chapter 1

The Train Station

On a cold winter night, there was a person waiting at a train station. He was hidden by a sweatshirt and jeans. The train pulled up and out came a person with a cloak over him, his head was hidden. He walked up to the other man and handed him a slip of paper. Out from the other side of the cart came a famous ACP soldier, known as Enn. Enn came out just in time to see the man hand the slip to the other man. He jumped behind a bush so he wouldn’t be seen and watched the 2 men. They started to move down the train station so Enn followed. He followed them until they got to the end of the platform and the men jumped into a van and drove off. Enn just started to walk the other direction.

Chapter 2


Enn walked to the platform and looked for his ride. He saw it pull up and hopped in. “What’s up Z”, said Ennbay.

“Nothing much, you?” said Zdoger.

“Well, when I got out of the train today I saw a man giving a slip of paper to another guy. I followed them but they drove off in a van”, said Ennbay.

“Interesting, better report it to HQ”, said Zdoger.

“Yeah”, said Ennbay.

Then it was silent for the rest of the ride. After ½ hour of driving they finally pulled up in HQ. When they walked in, they immediately walked over to the Meat, the 2ic of ACP, and Thomas, ACP general.

“Hey guys”, saidEenn.

“Any new news?” asked Thom.

“Yep, I saw a guy hand a slip of paper to another man. I followed them, but they got away in a van.

“Do you uh….. Oh yeah, do you remember the license plate?” asked the computer nerd, Saint.

“I believe it was 1bh46, it was a weird one”, replied Enn.

“Good memory… uhhhh….. Oh uh I wish I had a memory like….ummm…. oh yours”, said Saint.

“Well you guys….. Ummm….. Better go get to….. Oh uh work in the field.

“Yeah”, said Z, Thomas, Meat and Enn at the same time.

Then they loaded up the gear, hopped on there jeep, and drove off.

Chapter 3

The First Fight

They came to the bridge connecting Breeze to Frozen. Frozen was the ruthless and most dangerous town in all of Club Penguin. They weren’t scared and drove about half way through, when a van came on the bridge the other way. Enn looked at the name plate and it was the same as the van from the train station!

“Guys, that’s the name plate from the train station,” said Enn.

But, he was interrupted by a loud sound coming from behind them. They turned around to see a tank at the end of the bridge. Then, some smoke came out of the tank and the bridge started shaking! Z then realized the tank shot the bridge! The tank moved it’s head over to the other side and shot that side too! The bridge started to fall! They drove as fast as the piece of junk could go. The tank shot another time and it landed almost hitting the jeep and the impact sent Thomas flying! He fell missing the end of the bridge barely! But Meat kept driving. The tank fired again and sent the jeep flying! It landed the right way and over the van, they drove far away from the bridge until they were safe.

Chapter 4

The tavern

They parked the jeep at a tavern and went inside.

“Hello sirs, what can I get you?” asked the owner.

Meat was still focused on the mission, even though Thomas just died.

“Do u know anything about 2 men, 1 has a cloak on, the other has jeans and a sweat shirt on?” asked Meat.

“Hmm…. Come with me boys,” the owner said to them.

He lead them downstairs to a table with a couple candles. They all sat down.

“Ok boys, I know them. They are trying to get rid of ACP and they are trying to take over CP”, said the owner.

“Is that all you know?” asked Enn.

“Come close boys, I know that me and the 2 men are meeting tonight at Mudkipz Alley to trade some items, but you best be getting out of here”, said the owner.

“Ok, lets go guys”, said Z.

They walked back out to the jeep, hopped in and drove to the next street over from Mudkipz Alley.

Chapter 5

Late night fight

They drove to the weapon store and bought 3 snipers. And got set on the roof above Mudkipz Alley.

“Ok guys, get ready for some people who look like they are talking,” said Meat.

“Got it,” said Z.

“Okay,” said Enn.

“Here they come!” exclaimed Enn.

“Wait for my command,” said Meat.

“Enn, you aim for the guy with a cloak, Z aim for the guy with the hoodie”, said Meat.

“Yes sir,” they both said.

“Ready…..Aim….. FIRE,” yelled Meat.

They both fired!

“I MISSED”, yelled Enn.

“I GOT MINE”, yelled Z.

They both looked back and saw Meat already running and jumping from building to building. So, they started running too. But the gang had some men with jetpacks following them! Suddenly, Meat jumped into an alley, so Z and Enn did too. They landed on garbage, got up and hid. They hid for about 1 and ½ hours.

“We have to get to the kingdom of Divotoo,” said Meat.

So, they started running to the city over, the Kingdom of Divotoo.

Chapter 6

The last battle

When they got there Saint pm’d them. This is what it said:

We have word that the gang will show up with an army of robots at the Kingdom of Divotoo. We are sending some troops in.



“Ok boys, go get some armour and weapons and get ready to fight”, said Meat.

After 1 hour of preparing, they could see the gang on the horizon. They were ready to fight. The gang came in shooting range of the Kingdom and stopped. But Enn, Meat, and Z started to shoot and charged the army. They were cutting the robots heads off like crazy. The rest of the ACP starting snipping and charged with Enn, Meat, and Z. They fought hours on end. Then, came the last line of troops the ACP was ready and charged the final line. They killed them in 3 seconds. Then, they got to the leader of the gang.

“I will destroy you!” said Enn.

“No one can defeat me,” said the man.

“No one but me that is!” said Enn.

Ennbay then pulled out a knife and charged the man. Enn knocked him to the ground. They were wrestling for a while until the man kicked Enn off him.

When the man stood up, Enn sliced him in half.

“Lets see who this loser is”, said Z.

(They pulled off the cloak)

“IT WAS PERSON”, yelled Z.

“Of course Person would try to take over CP and destroy ACP”, said Meat

“Lets just go home guys”, said Z.

They all agreed. And Person would never harm CP again. Well, that's what they thought.
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Male Age : 20
Location : NJ
ACP Rank : Lt General
Infractions :
0 / 50 / 5

Registration date : 2009-07-20

PostSubject: Re: John16126's ACP Story   Fri Jul 31, 2009 5:44 pm

Sorry its pretty long
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New Guy
New Guy

Male Age : 20
Location : Los Angles
ACP Rank : Sergeant
Infractions :
0 / 50 / 5

Registration date : 2009-06-06

PostSubject: Re: John16126's ACP Story   Sat Aug 01, 2009 1:10 pm

It is a good story
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Great Akoo

Male Age : 22
Location : Right behind you.
ACP Rank : Brigadier General
Infractions :
5 / 55 / 5

Registration date : 2009-06-25

PostSubject: Re: John16126's ACP Story   Sat Aug 01, 2009 3:27 pm

Does that mean that all the nachos are robots in desguise? Does that mean that Person is Optimus Prime? Does that mean if you just see a random guy give another random guy a random note we should illigaly buy firearms (since you can only buy one firearm every 2 months) and kill them? Does that mean saint is a real nerd that ... talks... like... this..?
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Male Age : 20
Location : NJ
ACP Rank : Lt General
Infractions :
0 / 50 / 5

Registration date : 2009-07-20

PostSubject: Re: John16126's ACP Story   Wed Aug 12, 2009 6:27 am

ahh... i will work to sort that out in book 2, thhanks for the comments Very Happy !

~John16126 GO ACP! ACP! ACP! ACP!
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PostSubject: Re: John16126's ACP Story   

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John16126's ACP Story
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