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 Another Military RPG

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Trainee Mod
Trainee Mod

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PostSubject: Another Military RPG   Tue Jul 14, 2009 12:45 pm

Cliche, but these are the MOST FUN!!!!

Heres your template. You can be ACP or the enemy it doesn't matter. But if there are too many ACP just make up enemies.

[I'm tactical leader :)]
ACP Rank:Brigadier General
Faction: ACP

I will start.

MEN! Move out!

I sling my ever present M110-SASS and SA80 over my rucksack onto my back with my KA-BAR on my left leg and colt .45 on my right leg. We all move out of the Chinook transport helicopter onto the LZ [Landing zone]. We all hit the deck and scan the area for enemies. I shout CLEAR! And we move out towards the clearing on our GPS to set up camp. When we arrive there i say, "Alright men. This area is INFESTED with RG swine. We will need to clear it out so the locals can have some peace at mind. At dawn i will go over our battle plans. For now.. MESS TIME! Rest and relaxation! Just hang out for a bit then get your tents pitched.

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Another Military RPG
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